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Find out which pages drive the most traffic, the right keywords to target, and  the potential organic value you can gain with high ranking content. 

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What Content Does Your IR Website Need?

Through extensive research we have determined, when properly optimized, these are the six most important pages for driving targeted traffic to an IR website: 

1. Full Management Team and Board Biographies

Our research shows that a leadership page, a dedicated page for each member with bios, company history, headshot, and short video performs best.

2. Company Background, Information and Strategies

A comprehensive company overview that includes your company mission and strategy can rank highly for your search terms around your company name.

3. Product and Services 

People search product names thousands of times per month. Your IR sites should provide dedicated, comprehensive product pages that tell investors how each product contributes to the company's results.

4. Industry Information & Glossary of Key Terms

Investors search industry terms when covering a new company or industry. Providing definitions of key terms can help investors understand terms and jargon used on earnings calls, presentations, and other company communication.

5. Event and Conference Writeups

Many people search on event and conference names. Producing a comprehensive piece on the event can vault that page high in Google results when searchers query on the company name.

6. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives

With more than 20% of investor dollars invested according to SRI strategies, it's imperative that IR sites offer this content. Investors drive decisions based on it. Telling the company's best story can attract more investors and investment.