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HeidiSQL: SQL in the Land of Alps and Watches

In this post, we will embark upon a grand Swiss adventure, installing and working with HeidiSQL to achieve our loftiest SQL dreams. Along the way, we'll meet a young ambitious shepherd named Matteo... Read More

sp_send_dbmail: Send Mail from SQL Server? Here's how.

Businesses rely on data, and typically that data lives in a SQL Database. Reporting the data can frustrate the most zen developer, for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps... Read More

AWS Redshift - SQL Functionality on Planet-Scale Hardware

Your manager’s peers have been bragging a lot lately about their data warehouses, analytics, and charts, and now a steady stream of data-related questions are being sent your way.  Your department... Read More

SOAP vs. REST APIs: Understand the Key Differences

These days, it’s more true than ever that “no company is an island.” From social logins to selling their data, many businesses rely on each other by exchanging information over the Internet... Read More

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